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Grout Wand "Press-N-Go Sealer Applicator" Seal or apply colorant the Quick-N-Easy way with the Grout Wand...Just Press-N-Go!
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Please take a look at what contractors have to say about using the Grout Wand.
“My company specializes in tile restoration, grout sealing and staining. I have three crews in the Phoenix market. What is most important to my customers is that they get a quality job done on time, and the grout wand helps me do just that. The grout wand provides an easy consistent way of applying grout sealant in a fraction of the time it takes when you are on your knees applying sealant the old fashioned way. This great new product helps me apply the correct amount of sealant in the shortest possible time”

Dave Richardson, the owner of Mexican Tile Restorations

“We install tile in new homes for high end builders in the Phoenix market. When we are done tiling the average home, the grout wand allows us to seal the grout in a fraction of the time it takes to do it the old fashioned way. It is important to us that we get the job done right in the shortest possible time. This labor saving device helps my company make money in a very competitive business”

Blaine Lazenby, owner of Lazenby Tile, Inc.
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